Referee Fee Structure Referee

Referee Fee Structure

Referee will be paid directly by the teams on the field. using the following breakdown:

  • U/9-10: $35.00 PER TEAM (CENTER= $30.00, AR1=$20.00 AND AR2 $20.00)
  • U/11-12: $37.00 PER TEAM (CENTER=$34.00, AR1=$20.00, AR2=$20.00)
  • U/13-14: $44.00 PER TEAM (CENTER=$40.00, AR1=24.00,AR2=24.00)
  • U/15-18: $55.00 PER TEAM (CENTER=$50.00, AR1=30.00,AR2=30.00)


Please bring correct ammount to each game.


Due to the high volume of older teams that applied for the Tourney, we will be utilizing Canyon Lakes Park for some of our games. Thank you to Boynton Beach Knights for donating their fields to help make our annual tournament a success.