PBSL Referee Fees


The referee fees are as follows:

League -> PBSL - Palm Beach Soccer League
Age Groups game length total game fee per team fee fee split
U8(FS) - U10
50 min (2x25) $90 $45 $38/$26/$26
60 min (2x30) $106 $53 $46/$30/$30
70 min (2x35) $120 $60 $52/$34/$34
80 min (2x40) $140 $70 $64/$38/$38
90 min (2x45) $140 $70 $64/$38/$38


PBSL Referee Assignors:

(please refer to Section 7 of the PBSL Rules and regulations)

SABR - Team Boca - Lou Hecht *
CBF School Boca Raton 20/21 - Lou Hecht * /Darryl Mauro
Coral Springs United FC / FC Prime - Darryl Mauro *

AC Delray, Inc. - Gary Levine*
Elite Soccer Academy - David Minshall
Hobe Sound SC - David Minshall
International Soccer Association - Gregory Kito *
Jupiter United Soccer - David Minshall
Lake Worth - David Minshall

Mako Soccer Club - Jason Frawley *
Martin United Soccer Club - Jason Frawley *
Palm Beach Kicks - David Minshall
Parkland Soccer Club - Billy Rivera

PSL Soccer Club/Hurricanes, Inc. - Brian Sehon
Royal Palm Beach Strikers - Shenoy Raghuraj
Treasure Coast United - Jason Frawley *
Greater Boca YSA - Mike Weber Jr. *
Wellington SC - Shenoy Raghuraj
Hollywood Wildcats FC - Tom Tianich (754) 400-1866
Ives Estate - Tom Tianich (754) 400-1866
Miami Shores Soccer Club - Tom Tianich (754) 400-1866
Weston Select Soccer Club - Mike Weber Jr. *
Boynton Beach Knights – Oscar Narvaez (786) 488-5502 *
East Florida United - Darryl Mauro

Springs Soccer Club 20/21 - Billy Rivera


PBSL Rules and Regulations - Section 7: Referees

A. Referee assignors - PBSL-sanctioned clubs shall be responsible for assigning a three-person,
currently certified, referee team to all scheduled home games.

  • A club assignor shall be a currently registered FLSRC certified assignor, who is hired and paid by the club they are working for.
  • Prior to the beginning of a PBSL playing season, each club shall submit the name of its state-certified referee assignor to the VP of Referees and/or VP of Rules and Regulations.
  • If a club fails to submit an assignor, then the VP of Referees will instruct League Assignor to assign referees to that club for their PBSL home games. The club shall be responsible for all assignor fees, and any fees not paid within 30 days of an invoice shall be assessed against and taken from the club’s bond.
  • The VP of Referees and VP of Rules and Regulations shall be responsible for all PBSL matters pertaining to the club assignor.
  • Club referee assignor must use only currently USSF certified referees or the club will be fined(see Fines and Fees Listing).
  • Club referees shall have no interest in game outcomes. Referees should never officiate in any match where there is a vested interest. “Vested interest” is defined as when the official or a member of the official's family (spouse, child, or parent) or that person’s team may be affected by the outcome of the proceeding or match.

B. The VP of Referees shall keep records of all matters pertaining to the referees and PBSL.

C. Assignments and payment shall be made only to currently USSF certified referees for services

  • Referee payment shall be made prior to the game.
  • Payment shall be a fifty-fifty split of the full fee by each team.
  • Referee fees owed to certified referees, for a game that was forfeited, shall be the responsibility of the team that forfeited.
  • Referee fees owed to certified referees, who are assigned to incorrect game times, shall be the responsibility of the home team's club.
  • The Board of Directors shall set forth the referee fee schedule for each season at the annual meeting (See Section 8, Pre-Game).

D. The VP of Referees shall be the link between the club assignors and the referee association in
regards to referee clinics and the assignor clinics.

E. Referee misconduct. All reports of referee misconduct shall be reported in writing, within forty-eight (48) hours of the misconduct, to the VP of Referees and VP of Rules and Regulations.
The VP of Referees shall forward such reports of misconduct, if proven valid, to the State Referee
Administration's office within forty-eight (48) hours.

F. All club assignors must keep a game log, which shall be produced upon request by the VP of Referees or VP of Rules and Regulations. Failure to produce a game log, or a correctly-maintained game log, will result in a $100 club fine and the assignor will be reprimanded.