On-Line Tournament Check-in for the PBSL Classic!

On-Line Tournament Check-in for the PBSL Classic!
To better serve our teams and their team managers/coordinators we will be offering free online/electronic check-in (eCheck-In).  This should be considered mandatory for all teams. Any questions should be emailed to the PBSL Scheduling mailbox at pbslscheduling@gmail.com.  eCheck-In will open on Friday, April 20, 2018. 
DEADLINE for E-Check-In is Wednesday, April 25, 2018, at 11:59 PM – NO EXCEPTIONS
To Check In Electronically:
Upload all documentation to your GotSoccer team page under the tournament event as follows (note file name instructions provided below these directions):  
  1. Go to your GotSoccer.com team page
  2. Click on the event located under “Event Registration History” – Palm Beach Soccer League Classic
  3. Click on the “Documents” tab on the far right
  4. Load Documents (See below for upload requirements). 
Name each individual file using this naming convention as follows:  age group/gender/team code. For example, the Royal Palm Beach U9 Boys team would be identified as U9BRPB2009MC1.  U9 represents the age group, B represents the team gender, and RPB2009MC1 represents the team code.  
  • Passes (e.g. U9BRPB2009MC1_Passes)
  • Roster (e.g. U9BRPB2009MC1_Roster)
  • Guest Forms (e.g. U9RPB2009MC1_Guest Forms)
  • U18 Sports Medicine Medical Releases (e.g. U9RPB2009MC1_Med Releases).  This release is required for all teams.  [U18] Sports Medicine is the name of the company that will provide the trainers that will be on-site for the tournament in case of player injuries.  This release is required for them to treat any player.  The release is available here (http://www.palmbeachsl.com/_files/U18%20PBSL%20Classic%20Consent%20Form.pdf)
  • Do not name files by player’s first or last name as these files will not be accepted. Do not upload jpeg1, jpeg 2, only pdf files are accepted. Do not load individual passes and individual releases, only one file for all passes and 1 file for all player releases. Keep your scans at a low legible resolution for uploading. 
  • Upload the documentation once everything is ready, do not load some documents or partial as those will not be reviewed or accepted.
  • Once everything is done, we will review all documents and upload a stamped approved roster in the event document area.
  • You then print 5 copies of this stamped document and bring all copies to the tournament.  Provide a stamped roster to the referees along with player pass cards at each game. 
Our intention with the online/electronic check-in is to provide a better service to participating teams and ultimately save time and make it easier for team managers.  The online/electronic check-in (e-Check-In) is free.  If for any reason you are unable to participate in on-line check-in, please alert the PBSL Tournament Directors by sending an email to pbslscheduling@gmail.com to arrange for a different method of tournament check-in. 
We look forward to your team’s participation in the Palm Beach Soccer League Classic!