How to report PBSL Game Scores

*All game scores need to be recorded by 5 pm on Tuesday after the game is played!

HOME TEAM is responsible for a fine of $25 per game not scored

  • Mobile scoring Link - coming soon
  • Computer scoring Link - coming soon

There are NEW ways to record the scores for PBSL or any other NEW GotSport games:

  1. How to Enter/Upload a Score from a Team Account

  2. How to enter a score from the public page

PROCEDURE FOR SENDOFFS / RED CARDS Except in case of referee assault, all passes are to be returned to coaches of both teams. The referee must send their copies of the game card/roster within 48 hrs to AND !!!
The referee must also: 1) List the appropriate code next to the player/coach name. 2) Send USSF supplemental report within 48 hours TO BOTH email addresses listed above

If any player/coach is sent off BOTH TEAMS must send these reports TO BOTH email addresses listed above within 48 Hours. Failure will result in disciplinary actions and fines.