FYSA AGM - Make your VOTE count!

It is important that all of our Region A votes count this year at FYSA's AGM. PBSL will be attending the FYSA Annual General Meeting in Orlando August 12 - 14, 2016. We would be happy to carry your vote for you if you will not be attending to make sure we "get the vote out". 

If you are not able to attend and you would like Palm Beach Soccer League (PBSL) to carry your vote, all you need to do is complete the Electronic Proxy Form HERE and contact Patrick Kennedy at pbsltreasurer@gmail.com to let him know if you want us to pick up your credentials.  If you are not sure if you will be coming, we would be willing to pick up your credentials and then get them to you if your plans change allowing you to attend the General Session. 
Hope to see you at the AGM!
PBSL Board