COVID-19 and Soccer Season


COVID-19 and Soccer Season

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Palm Beach Soccer League
Early Season Information & FAQ

The goal for this upcoming seasons is to provide an environment where those teams that can play games have an opportunity to do so and those that cannot have an opportunity to join them when they are able and when it makes sense for all that are healthy and able. If you had to miss the Early Season, don't worry, Regular Season just started in November!

We understand the need to operate with flexibility in, scheduling, the required number of games, rescheduling, location, etc.  Luckily we will continue to use gotsoccer so that the channels of communications are open, and we are here to help. (Playoffs will be seeded based on average points for the games played/scored.)

  1. The LATE-LATE REGISTRATION PERIOD is still a chance to enter a team, if you are desperate contact Tom and we'll see if we can find you a spot on the schedule.
  2. Schedules were released only a day late for un unprecedented number of teams for our Regular Season
  3. All schedules are in a proper schedule format! No lazy shortcuts from the League! You will not have to do all the scheduling work yourself = NO TBA GAMES.
  4. NO TBA fields and uncertainties! If you want to play all your games away because your park is closed just talk to your opponent or notify the League and we'll move your games on your opponent's fields.
  5. Teams in PBSL are always good about communicating with each other prior to every game, and this year that will be even more important. The use of gotsoccer chat feature is strongly encouraged and should make this a much easier experience.
  6. Please confirm or change your first weekend of games immediately with your first opponent.
  7. Clubs are encouraged to work with each other to get the games played as best they can. If one municipality has restrictions that prevent a game from being played, but the away team does not, it is always fine for the teams to work out playing their home game at the visitors’ park. With that in mind, the teams need to be clear on who is responsible for referee assigning and field marshaling.
  8. The key to making this season functional is to make sure that teams have proper contact information in their gotsoccer club and team accounts.
  9. We know everyone will be respectful and responsive to each other and PBSL volunteers are here to intervene when necessary.
  10. If a team is unable to complete their full schedule and has made every effort to do so, no worries we'll use score averages to see the playoffs if needed. All playoff seeding decisions are at the discretion of the scheduling committee!
  11. Fines and fees are to be expected when a team doesn’t show up to a game that it has previously agreed to and has failed to communicate a valid reason for not being able to attend in a timely manner prior to the game.
  12. We don’t want a team to drive to a game and the game does not occur due to the fault of the other, as referees still need to get paid, sometimes just to wait around for their next game.

We look forward to seeing the kids on the fields where they belong! 

Thank You!
Your PBSL Volunteer Board of Directors

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